Automatic Garden Watering System (ESP8266 MQTT -> NodeRed On PI3b)

I made a similar project a few years ago, only then only with a humidity sensor and an raspberry pi 1, but the finding of this sensor made the start on the idea of making this project.

Followed this great tutorial , and i was suprised how easy and well this worked, i could easily get the data from the ESP8266 via MQTT to the node red install on my raspberry pi 3, and show this in an nice dashboard.

i also integrated an timer so every morning at 4:00 the pomp wil start running for 5 min to water the plants.

as the humidity sensor is not enough to actually see how dry the soil is i also added an this give me a more accurate idea on how dry or wet the soil is, and if the soil is to wet, because it was raining last days for example the pomp will not run that day.

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